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Productivity Experts

Clamping Solutions

Clamping tools & products for productive workholding

Clamping devices are our mainstay of workholding products. For almost any requirement: hydraulic or pneumatic clamping, CNC machine tooling, manual machining or any handling system, we can source and supply fixtures, clamping tools and parts from leading global manufacturers. Whatever machine tools you need to replace, rebuild or design, talk to us.

This page highlights our popular clamping products and workholding systems for advanced manufacturing technology across any industry. Use the shortcuts below to see the product page or enter a search term in our Search box at the top right corner of our banner.

Romheld Automation is the authorised distributor in Australia and New Zealand for all these machine tooling and production automation manufacturers. We have included links to supplier websites for you to learn more about their products and capabilities. Take note, all orders from overseas suppliers need to come through Romheld Automation (and we look after all clearances), so whether you want to discuss your needs or order a specific product, feel free to call or Contact Us.


We want to help you find the best product or system solution. Call us on 1800 465 348 or tell us more in an email at Contact Us.

Looking for specific product technology?

Kostyrka hydraulic clamping systems

  • Clamping sleeves
  • Extremely high holding forces
  • Test certificates available

Tunkers pneumatic clamping

  • Power / pneumatic clamps
  • Vario-clamp version
  • Mini-clamps in 4 sizes

STARK Zero Point Clamping systems

  • Direct workpiece clamping
  • Renowned range of SPEEDY clamps
  • Long lasting, low maintenance

Technigrip Dovetail clamping

  • Universal fixtures
  • 4- & 5-axis
  • Tombstones

IMAO clamping & fixturing

  • All types, sizes, configurations
  • One-touch clamps
  • Tombstones, brackets, blocks, bases

Tunkers pneumatic clamping

  • Single & double wedge construction
  • Serrated or smooth jaws
  • Low profile or special model clamps

Roemheld clamping tools & systems

  • High performance hydraulic clamps
  • Also hinge, side and bore clamps
  • Valves, couplings, pumps, etc

Roemheld Wedge Clamp

  • Safety breakthrough innovation
  • Robust design & long service life
  • Retrofits made easy


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