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SOFT ROBOTICS Gripper Systems

Robotic Grippers as both gentle with grrr-runt

Introducing the first conforming robotic grippers with appropriate lifespan and speed capacity for modern processes. Soft Robotics grippers are designed for use in unstructured environments to handle delicate products with varying size, shape and weight. Being completely flexible, these grippers conform to the product as is – and does not force the product to conform to the gripper.

Used for pick and place operations up to 100ppm, bin picking, tray filling, warehouse logistics, fresh food, wrapped or bagged products.

Introducing modular gripping systems, mGrip

The mGrip solution is an on-demand, modular gripping system that brings infinite robotic gripper solutions to picking challenges that couldn’t previously be automated. In minutes the mGrip allows quick tool builds with configurations and spacing options to become operational. Using interchangeable components, this remarkable kit can keep up with virtually any demand.

Download full details on the mGrip Sales Sheet.

Take an inside look at Soft Robotics

Patent pending soft robotic automation technology

This new class of robotic grippers are adaptive, inexpensive and simple to use. Made of FDA compatible materials and suitable for direct contact with fresh food, these grippers are easy to clean using common cleaning materials.

Soft robotic end of arm tools and control system are:

  • adaptive, repeatable, reliable across a wide range of graspable objects
  • designed to enable standard industrial robots to manipulate items of varying size, shape and weight with a single device
  • deployed without the need for multiple end effectors, tool changers and lengthy integration
  • designed to meet high operational throughput rate and speed requirements
  • an all-in-one solution with gripper/grippers, control unit and software.

Soft Robotics robotic grippers Control Unit

The soft gripper ConSoft Robotics systemtrol unit is ruggedly built for in line use, provides full control of grip force and opening position, and can store 8 different programs.



Attention-getting technology from the USA

The technology behind Boston-based company Soft Robotics originated with a Harvard chemist researching robotic designs based on the way octopi look and how they interact with the world, explains a Soft Robotics Director. We talk more about this ‘marine inspiration’ with an article on our Latest News.

See more about the warm reception this company is getting at their web page for Soft Robotics News. Visit the Soft Robotics website.


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