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Workholding products and clamping fixtures for machine or manual tooling

Romheld Automation specialises in matching leading global workholding fixtures and tools with exacting customer requirements. We source the most cost-efficient, flexible and reliable products worldwide and bring them to Australian manufacturers, specifiers and integrators.

Workholding products from top providers

Chucks and collet chucks, all types of vises, clamping tools and more are all part of our product offering. See our range of high quality components for manual or power tools, accessories and fixtures for machining, welding, assembly and testing. We include summaries of products specific to manufacturers, many of which have a huge number of variations or specialised features. Should you need more information, visit the supplier website directly from links you’ll find in the description.

Watch video clips for product demonstrations when available from suppliers on each product page. Feel free to visit the manufacturers’ website directly for more information. For fast reference, you can find links to each supplier website on Our Suppliers.

Looking for specific product technology?

HAINBUCH Chucks & Collet Chucks

Collet chucks, mandrels, modular systems and workholding solutions for fast, easy, flexible clamping, chucking and bar work for any specifications…


Mechanical, hydraulic or combination machine vises (or vices) and systems for machine clamping operations in all sizes or configuration for any application…

IMAO Clamping and fixturing

All types, sizes and configurations of IMAO clamps, components and tombstomes are available to suit every application. Also fixture design parts…

KOSTYRKA® Hydraulic Clamping Systems

Hydraulic clamping systems and elements including clamping sleeves for machine tool builders and clamping parts replacements…

MiniBOOSTER Hydraulics

Oscillating pressure intensifiers to mount on low pressure hydraulic systems. miniBOOSTER offers a vast range of models to intensify system pressure…

OK-VISE Wedge clamping

Big on force yet small in size, OK-VISE wedge clamps are versatile and flexible in models to suit your clamping needs –even special orders…

ROEMHELD clamping tools & systems

Complete line of work supports and accessories for hydraulic workholding fixtures. This German group Roemheld, Hilma & Stark are market leaders worldwide…

SCHUNK Chuck Jaws

Over 1200 chuck jaw types for optimum interface, repeat jaw changing and stability in clamping, we offer the full range of Schunk chuck jaws…


Manual, pneumatic, power lathe, or quick change chucks and custom solutions are part of the Schunk Chucks range for any application…

STARK Zero Point Clamping Systems

Direct workpiece clamping from machine technology leaders at Roemheld Group (Stark), a range of strong, accurate clamp products and systems…

TECHNIGRIP Dovetail Clamping

A workholding system perfect for CNC milling, see the range of Technigrip clamping systems here to easily clamp parts for machining…

TUNKERS Pneumatic Clamping

Power clamps, mini-clamps, Vario-Clamps, pneumatic swing clamps –all here from Tunkers plus arms and accessories to support clamp installation…


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