What Makes A Good Website?

Next time you pick out a wine, look at your options. Then look at your choice. What made you decide? Trust in the brand? Type of grape? Special blend? Good vintage? Awards? Personal experience? Recommendations? Price? Special offer? Or just closest to the door?

Those are 10 valid considerations when buying wine or most other purchases. We all make them, often in just a few seconds. But with some purchases (like a website), you want to take time. You want your decision to reflect a good investment, make a statement and be a great portrait of your business.

Let’s see how those 3 things can help you make the right decision about creating a worthwhile website.

1. A good investment: Your website is a major business asset.

Your business website is an important investment: at least as important as your lease, your inventory and your business identity. Why? It reflects all three. It’s an important business asset as the first thing your customer (or customer-to-be) will often see and why they choose to buy or do business with you.

Rule 1: Don’t skimp on your investment.

Spend well, spend wisely and your return on investment (ROI) will happen. (stay tuned hints on “What’s a website worth” – subscribe below and get it delivered straight to your inbox.)

2. Make a statement: Your website makes an impression.

Your website is your calling card, your showcase, your first ‘Hello!” all in one. It makes a statement. Much like that bottle of wine you bring to a special dinner, it speaks volumes about you –even before it’s opened. (Aha! That’s where SEO comes in.) You have to get noticed, get chosen, be opened, be read and be remembered or responded to –usually in a few minutes (or more like 20 seconds).

Rule 2: Be sure your website truly reflects your business.

Use professionals for design, content, images and development. And keep it up to date.

3. A flattering personal portrait: Your website is all about your business.

That’s why no two websites are alike. But all have something in common: they reflect a business. And the way you run your business is unique to you, whether an SMB, technical trade or professional. So while a website, any website, has the same basic elements of structure (or architecture), design and content, the way those things work need to feel right for your business.

Rule 3: Your website needs to reflect who you are.

Be clear on what you do and what you stand for.

Want to learn more? Talk to ShowellTech.

We work with a variety of businesses, trades and professionals. We’ve done websites for Advocacy Experts to Zookeepers plus most in between. Contact us for a free discussion.

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