Home Schooling

Home Schooling

In these uncertain times, we are being asked to take on challenges we may not be prepared for. One of the most substantial of these is home-schooling our children.

This may seem challenging but it isn’t all bad news. In fact, there are many positives to be taken from the additional time you will spend schooling your child.

  1. The pleasure of the additional time you will spend with your child one-on-one.
  2. Getting to understand their learning style, areas they may be advanced in and those areas they need additional support.
  3. An opportunity for you to understand how well your child is coping with the external messaging being thrust on them, or at the least, to minimise the amount they hear.

Along with all the positives, there are some serious considerations for ensuring your child does not fall behind their peers.

It is critical to utilise the resources and class notes the school provides.
These curriculum notes have been carefully considered and ensure each child has a basic level of learning to achieve. They also provide structure and we all know that most children will fare better in a structured environment. That doesn’t mean there is no time to play, only that playtime needs to be built into a sustainable framework.

Dr Selina Samuels is an experienced educator and online learning officer who was recently interviewed about the current situation. She stated “the most important thing is that structure from the beginning is very important.” 

Ensure you have the tools required to complete the tasks.
For example, if you are given worksheets electronically, do you need to print them. Do you have a printer or access to a printer? If not, do you email them to a friend who does or send them via email to Officeworks and have them printed and collected? Being prepared will make the process easier.

Do you need to access online materials? Does your internet plan allow enough data to sustain a month of learning as well as normal life practices? Be sure to talk to your internet provider and upgrade your plan if necessary.

Is your device suitable for home-schooling purposes?
While your child’s tablet is a great distraction and great for games, will it work as an educational tool? Does your device have parental controls activated? Do you have appropriate virus protection and are you set up to back up all this great learning. Do you need access to a webcam and headphones? What sort is best? Can you even find any at this time?

To help you work through the raft of technical questions we are offering to review and clean up your device at a reduced rate of $50. This ensures your child is prepared for the school year ahead be it at home or in the classroom. If required, this can be completed remotely over the internet to save the hassle of travel. Simply call ahead on 02 4488 4800 and schedule your service.

Best regards,

Justin Showell
Owner at ShowellTech