The NBN is in Nowra

Have you seen these guys (NBNco) on your street recently?

NBN in Nowra! The Nowra CBD (plus a number of surrounding suburbs) now have access to the National Broadband Network (NBN). This means that you can now order a NBN plan for your home or business.

Areas where NBN could be available for your home or business include:

  • Nowra CBD
  • South Nowra
  • West Nowra
  • North Nowra
  • Bomaderry
  • Worrigee

Not sure if you can get the NBN? Check out the NBNco website and check your address to find out.

What is the NBN?
The NBN network is Australia’s new high speed internet network. It is being built to provide you with access to the fastest possible internet service (data and phone) wherever you live.

The NBN has the potential to deliver speeds more than 10 times faster than traditional ADSL services. This allows business owners to harness the power of cloud technology within the operations of their business.

ShowellTech can organise your NBN order for your home or business, plus we can provide advice on what will work best for you.

Here is our short list of things that will work better once you’re connected to the NBN:

  • Cloud based email systems (such as Google Apps and Office365).
  • Reliable offsite / remote access to your IT System.
  • Daily cloud backup is now possible!
  • Better performance for VPN / multisite networks.
  • Higher amounts of bandwidth allows you to stream media without affecting your internet speeds.
  • More reliable VoIP systems & Video Conferencing for businesses.

What about my landline phone?

As NBN connects each suburb they will also start the process of switching off the traditional phone network. You will receive plenty of notice from NBN about the date that the old phone system will be switched off in your area.

After this date your phone service will need to be delivered over the NBN as a VoIP service. ShowellTech can organise VoIP services as part of your NBN plan for free. You’ll be pleased to know that VoIP offers much cheaper call rates compared to your existing phone line charges. We can even port your existing landline phone number across to your NBN plan.

Have any questions? Contact us to find out more.