Test & Measure Your Website

Are you struggling to test and measure the effectiveness of your website?

How do you know which headlines, colour, content and layout to use to convert your online audience?

ShowellTech is excited to announce a new strategy that we are now implementing for all of our clients. This new strategy is called Split Testing. Split testing gives you the ability to create two different versions of the same web page and then track which version gives you a higher conversion rate.

It’s a great way of testing colours, button styles, call to action copy, element placement, discount offers, layout, and more.

Which website headline is more effective?


Have you ever thought about:

  • Is my headline effective?
  • Does my colour palette attract my online audience?
  • Which images work best for my landing page?
  • Does my content actually make a difference at converting my audience?

There is no “one size fits all” answer for digital marketing. Marketing strategies that work for one business doesn’t necessarily work for another. Here is where split testing becomes highly effective! ShowellTech can now help you determine the best way to get a highly effective conversion rate for your website.

Here are some things that split testing can help with:

  1. Developing an effective headline.
  2. Finding which call-to-action copy is most compelling.
  3. Testing your offers (for example: 20% off OR free shipping).
  4. Clearly see what parts of your website aren’t converting your audience.
  5. Selection of images, backgrounds, fonts, layouts and colours.

The bottom line for split testing… It allows you to test and measure individual elements of your website. I believe that knowing is much better than guessing and that is what split testing allows you to do. To find the most effective way to promote your business online.

Does it all sound too hard or confusing? That’s why we’re here. ShowellTech can help you setup and strategise the best way to convert your online audience. We’ll do all the hard work for you and make sure you’re website is converting your audience. Contact us today to start measuring the success of your online marketing.

Talk soon,

Justin Showell
Owner | ShowellTech