What’s A Website Worth?

Like with most technology, the price of websites has come down over the last few years. Why? There are more tools and templates available to reduce the time it takes to design and build websites. And as with most business, time is money.

Of course, there are DIY website tools available. But chances are your business time is better spent looking after your own business. Even if creating a website looks easy, what you end up with might not fit with your expectations or your business.

Commissioning a website

You already know the value of a good website and what it’s worth to your business. (see our Blog What Makes a Good Website?) Now look at three tips to see how to create or improve a website that works.

Tip 1: Decide what to expect. This means looking at competitors or websites that make an impression.

Tip 2: Define what you want. How much of your business will you put on show for the world to see?

Tip 3: Don’t pick by price. What will it take to deliver your expectations? What’s ideal vs real?

The difference between ideal and real can be staggering. In the end, your website will reflect what you put into it –meaning your own thoughts, effort and budget. Yes, hiring a professional like ShowellTech is a good start, but you need to do your homework. You know your business best. Plan to share your business goals, experience and expectations to set up a website strategy that’s right for your business.

What’s your priority?

Chances are it’s one of three things: Sales, Leads or Leverage.

Sales = online shopping, an eCommerce website selling products on the page.
Leads = converting website visitors into potential buyers based on contacting you for more info.
Leverage = sharing information, becoming an authority and publishing your knowledge.

Now that you have the basics of what goes into creating a website to reflect your business, what should you spend on a website?

$_____. That’s right. Fill in the blank. It’s entirely up to you and the work required. First ask yourself:

  • How many pages
  • What style of design
  • Who creates content and images
  • How will SEO be achieved
  • What kind of functionality is required
  • How integrated is the site with your business
  • How easy is it to update with the CMS

If you felt lost or challenged trying to answer these key points, you really should talk to ShowellTech.

There’s no ‘one size fits all’ price for websites.

We wouldn’t dream of posting a set price for any website. Sure, Google will show millions of ‘Cheap Websites” results but in the end you get what you pay for. That’s not a cop out; it’s simply based on experience.

ShowellTech crafts unique and beautiful websites. We offer all services, from hosting to design, content to campaigns, and charge only for what you need. We ensure your site is 100% responsive to all devices and SEO savvy. There are no ‘extras’ – all essentials are included and outlined when you Get A Quote.

Now that you have an idea of what goes into creating a good website, here’s a final look at why you need to think twice before you select a website for ‘fixed price.

10 reasons why NOT TO use a fixed price website

  1. Unique needs of your business not met.
  2. Doesn’t allow for changing technology.
  3. Missing features or vital support.
  4. Inclusions can be superfluous to your needs.
  5. No insight into industry or competitor landscape.
  6. No relevance to target audience or customers.
  7. No awareness of real or refined content value.
  8. ‘Off the shelf’ design that won’t distinguish your business.
  9. Conditions and limitations usually in the fine print.
  10. Don’t know what you get ‘til it’s done. Changes incur costs.

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